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Ruth Everess Aquatic Centre 2016

Ruth Everess Aquatic Centre has undergone a remarkable transformation, redefining the 1959 swimming center into a modern aquatic leisure destination while honoring its historical significance. In response to the diverse needs of the community, the center has been thoughtfully redesigned, with special consideration given to religious requirements, particularly for women and children. Through innovative solutions like a large curtain dividing the indoor program pool, the center now offers a private and versatile space accessible to all community members throughout the day and year. The revamped facility boasts outdoor 50-meter and 25-meter lap pools, an interactive water play area, and an expansive surrounding concourse, catering to a wide range of aquatic activities and events. With a focus on inclusivity and cultural sensitivity, the contemporary redesign encourages all members of the community to embrace essential life skills while providing a welcoming gathering place for families to enjoy aquatics and recreation, promoting a higher quality of life for all.
Lidcombe, NSW
Cumberland City Council

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