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About Donovan Payne Architects

We offer a fully professional consultancy team to support all your client needs. 

Donovan Payne Architects, a privately owned and operated architectural practice, was founded by Kim Donovan and Carl Payne in 1997; with Scott Oswald becoming our third director in 2007. Donovan Payne Architects foundations derive from a strong interest in community-based design. Our portfolio of projects reflects this fact; and this experience. We were the only WA-owned-and-operating architectural practice to work on the  Sydney 2000 Olympics, designing the Water Polo Pool at the Ryde Leisure Centre in 1999. Donovan Payne has since created and delivered over three-hundred and fifty diverse projects. During the life of our practice, we have delivered more community-based public sector projects in Australia than any other professional consulting firm. We create quality architecture which encompasses both community and elite facilities in recreation, aquatics, sports pavilions, libraries, and the entire field of community/sports-based design.

our philosophy


At Donovan Payne, we believe successful architecture expresses the fully-resolved elements of context; space, relationship, materials, and needs, informed by rigour and intimate understandings. We aim to facilitate efficient, sustainable and well-loved architecture, which makes a positive contribution to the  built environment.

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Donovan Payne’s enviable reputation for delivering well-loved community architecture, is available for clients within the broader spectrum of private and commercial design. Our aquatic and community experience involves the integration of a range of complex design elements; and this expertise is directly transferable to all kinds of complex architectural challenges, whether in housing, health, education, or whatever field requires sound design judgement and execution. We follow established practice methods at Donovan Payne Architects. We address all projects on the basis of required and relevant research. Design outcomes result in facilities which delight both user-groups; and building owners/managers. Operational excellence is our goal. Many past clients attest to our success in this methodology.

our methods


We apply the well-tested practice methods of Research + Design Rigour, as we explore all available relevant data. The process combines hand drawings and design testing, incorporating 3D modelling and video production, leading to the resolution and delivery of fully considered design outcomes.


Our practice model is the provision of clear and honest professional advice. Over many years, this approach, when combined with the delivery of successful and well-loved projects, has created lasting relationships/friendships; and rewarding project experiences for our clients, stakeholders, community engagements and professional consultants. Repeat clients; and repeat sub-consultancies, is a testament to this approach by Donovan Payne Architects.

our future

The broad professional skills we possess are well suited to our community sports projects. They are also thoroughly suitable for all and every type of architectural consultancy project, as we look forward to our continued practice into the future.


our awards

2022|      Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Award

                Sport and Leisure Facility Design Winner

                Bay Pavilions Arts and Aquatic

2020 |    Urban Development Institute of Australia

               Social & Community infrastructure Award 

               Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre

2019 |     Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards
               Best Public Use Building 20-50m
Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre

               Parks and Leisure Australia Awards
               Community Facility of the Year
               Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre

2018 |      Urban Design Institute of Australia Awards
                Excellence in Community Infrastructure
                Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre

2017 |      Sports and Recreation Industry Awards Finalist
                Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre

                Australian Timber Design Awards
                Excellence in Landscape Design
                Northern Goldfields Regional Office and  Admin. Centre

2016 |      WA Institute of Architects Awards Commendation 
                Bold Park Aquatic 

                Australian Timber Design Awards

                Timber Fabrication Category

                Bold Park Aquatic Centre

                Australian Timber Design Awards

                Best Public or Commercial Buildings
                Bold Park Aquatic Centre

1999 |      WA Government Energy Efficiency Awards 
                Design Innovation Award