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We offer a fully professional consultancy team to support all your client needs. 

The Donovan Payne team is composed of individuals with a diverse range of design and construction experience, relating to single and multi-residential; office and retail; industrial; heritage; health; and community; a breadth of knowledge and diversity which is brought forward throughout our projects. Our practice is strategic in size and structure; as it  allows us to manage projects of any size and complexity, yet ensures we continue to provide personal and client-responsive professional service with efficient inter-flow and communication between all team members, at all levels of a project. At Donovan Payne our clients benefit from our approach of openness, in all things; communication; liaison, brief development, cost and programme planning, construction procurement and design philosophy; transparencies in which our Donovan Payne Directors guide, and control through each of our projects.

Team of Donovan Payne   |  2020

Our Specialists | Services

¬  Design and Project Architects

    ¬  Registered Architects

    ¬  Architectural Technicians 

¬  Contract Administrators 

¬  Project Management | Delivery 

¬  BIM Modelling Specialists

¬  3D + CGI Visualization Specialists